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Conveyor Belt How To Fix Damaged

Conveying with replaced of main reasons is wear, wear General is divided into following 3 species form: 1) conveying with of sulfide joint at wear usually is due to conveying with itself material to than sulfide joint at rubber layer of wear degrees high or hot sulfide quality problem, caused sulfide joint rubber layer local wear, show wire core or nylon core, on conveying with Zhijian of sulfide joint strength constitute serious threat. 2) conveying with in skirt Board parts wear due to conveying with Guide material device of skirt Board adjustment improper or Guide material skirt board design bad, will led to skirt Board in run in the wear conveying with, caused conveying with sides Shang rubber layer wear serious, whole article tape longitudinal run direction show rope core or nylon core, once rope core Alice up, very easy winding to supporting roll Shang, caused wire with off silk or tape of tear.

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