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Conveyor Belt Selection Guide

Conveyor belt according to different environments and requirements into specifications and model: 1. According to the size of the volume by width divided into: B500 B600 B650 B800 B1000 B1200 B1400 specification (b for the width, measured in mm). At present, the company's largest production capacity of B2200mm conveyor belt. 2. According to the different environment, divided into the ordinary rubber conveyor belt, cold and heat-resistant rubber conveyor belts, rubber conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistant rubber conveyor belts, oil resistant rubber conveyor belts, food conveyor belt model. 3. According to the conveyor belt fabric layer tensile strength is divided into ordinary canvas belt conveyor belts, powerful canvases. Strong canvas into nylon conveyor belt conveyor belt (NN conveyor belt) conveyor belts and polyester (EP conveyor belt).